Static Island

by Aymeric de Tapol



On the long-lived lands of a wild country, Aymeric de Tapol tightens his microphone, to keep a sound track of the phenomena which surround him . Wind, thunderstorm, rain, snow … Is he the clergyman who announces the debacle? Wants he to make the partition of the event or simply to point us of the finger the natural beauty? Two interpretations, two faces of the sound object. The touchy power of Static Island, second piece of 12 minutes, lets envisage the most black intentions. After a bucolic introduction at the edge of river, it is under the barrage of humming basses, of dusty showers, that he releases striking images, words were cut by a radio voice. The sky scolds, leaving then behind him the twinkling and generous landscapes of Dentrites or Frozen Tones.
Six long pieces pull Aymeric de Tapol in best sound: economic arrangements, simple centrings which leave to narrative compositions taking the influence on " the fieldrecording effect ". Aymeric comes to walk on the ground of the parts of the country of the east triangle (one majorities of the recordings during the residence " European Sound Delta " on the barge which have to navigate the Rhine, enter Mons, Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Cologne and Frankfurt, another part in Strasbourg), record " in the former(ancient)", in some unique grips and without alteration, retouch, showing several facets of his attractive know-how of sound recordist and composer (he works for the contemporary dance, the radio creation, for the cinema and the documentary movies.).
The grips buzz in a quite at once ample, deep way, but also celestial and melodic. The fright and the dissonances, the echos and the organic masses, the symbolism means - ageuse of the sound and Microsound, its album invites us above all to rediscover the earth by listening to the singing of stars .. far off.


released May 6, 2011



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